One of the most significant concerns among business owners is how to reduce expenses. While there are drastic ways to do this through widespread layoffs, there are also more feasible options as well.

Build Professional Relationships

Professional relationships offer great opportunities for shared distribution channels, mailing lists and even bartering. You can save money by trading your service for a service you currently pay for.

Hire Young Professionals

While many companies seek experience above all else, seasoned employees come with a hefty price point attached. However, capable college grads seeking employment opportunities offer fair value for a reasonable salary.

Embrace Internships

Another way to reduce expenses is to embrace internships. Students attempting to complete their degree program often need to complete internship hours, and may even be willing to work for college credit.


Often overlooked, negotiation is a tried and true tactic in the trade of services. Therefore, don’t be embarrassed to haggle for a better price with your vendors or even seek tax relief from community representatives.

Use Independent Contractors

You can often find independent contractors that possess the skills you desire in your employees. However, independent contractors do not require benefits.

Perform Routine Cash Flow Analysis

Surprisingly, a lot of money is lost due to poor cash flow management. Therefore, it is crucial that you perform routine cash flow analysis to see where the money is going. Aim for at least a monthly analysis.

Buy Used or Refurbished Equipment

New equipment is often a detriment to controlling expenses. While owning brand new, shiny equipment is nice, it is not necessary. Used or refurbished equipment can be obtained for a fraction of the costs of new.

Use Content and SEO Marketing Strategies

Focus on content and SEO marketing instead of traditional marketing. Digital marketing is often less expensive and can be more effective.

Focus on Utilities

For large facilities, utilities can take a large chunk of the budget. Therefore, be mindful and turn off lights when not in use.

Value Your Time and Focus

While it is understandable that you spend a significant portion of your day worried about costs, consider the value of your time. If you spend more time focused on productivity instead of worry, then you will likely save money in the long run.

Expenses are an inevitable part of operating a business. However, there are often opportunities for cost-savings that have been overlooked. Review this list and others like it to find ways to cut your operating costs.