A business’s cash flow is what allows it to keep operating. Even the most talented entrepreneurs will fail if they neglect to monitor and control the money coming in and going out of their company.

Avoiding these mistakes can improve your chances of keeping your head above water and sustaining your business.

Incorrectly Predicting Sales

Business owners will need to predict sales and their future income in order to update their business plan and budget. Unfortunately, many professionals are far too optimistic with their predictions. This results in a cash flow shortage that was avoidable with just a bit more foresight. It’s always advisable to make sales predictions based on actual qualitative data collected from the business or a comparable source.

Unnecessary Spending

Impulse spending has no place in business. Overspending is a rookie mistake that can destroy your profit margin. Carefully consider every purchase and make educated estimates of how it can benefit the business over time. Every purchase should be a measurable investment in the future and growth of the company.

Failing to Collect Receivables

Nothing depletes a business account faster than unpaid invoices and poor collection practices. The purpose of business is to make money, and this requires clients to pay the agreed upon amount on time. Be clear with your payment expectations and terms and have a system in place for collecting past due amounts.

Not Tracking the Cash Flow

Even if you’ve done everything else right to improve and foster financial stability, it’s still imperative that you create a budget and track daily spending. Records like this can give insight into problem areas that may have caused cash flow issues and help you to develop better spending habits.

Insufficient Savings

A financial cushion can be all that’s between you and the failure of your business. Always anticipate the possibility of financial problems and maintain a savings account with at least two months’ worth of operating expenses to combat any emergencies.

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