A great office makes people enjoy coming to work each day and helps their working hours flow easily and productively. Make sure your workplace is inviting, bright, supportive and comfortable, to bring out the best in your staff. Aim for top-notch:


Employees spending hours each day in the office require basic physical comfort–it is a morale and health issue. Invest in ergonomic chairs, offer adjustable or sit/stand desks. If yours is an open office design, make sure there are areas where employees can have privacy, and create quiet spaces where they can work on intense projects. Attractive outdoor space is terrific, if feasible. Let in as much natural light as possible for a productive office. Design a comfortable breakroom/lunchroom. Adequate light and temperature control are also important. Gadgets like smart thermostats and self-adjusting window blinds can make proper adjustments throughout the day.


Keycard controlled access systems help ensure that only authorized employees enter appropriate work areas. If staff members are working early or late alone, take special measures like requiring that entry/exit doors be locked at those times, even if you normally leave them open during the day for clients. Consider installing indoor and outdoor security cameras monitoring the building and parking lot. Depending upon your type of business and workplace layout, a camera at the entry might be wise, so that authorized people can be safely buzzed in.


Provide state-of-the-art technology to help make jobs easier, and communication clearer and faster. Before ruling out the latest innovations as too costly, be sure to weigh price against the increased productivity, accuracy and employee satisfaction you could gain. High tech decor can also be beneficial. For instance, office design with clean lines, modern, streamlined furnishings and an airy, bright workspace can help workers feel valued and inspire pride in their workplace and your company in general.

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