Hiring new employees is one of the most exciting—and important—parts of running a startup.

To help you get it right, this article looks at several techniques for finding the best employees.

Hire Carefully

Before you hire anyone at all, it is important to ask yourself this question: Is hiring a permanent employee necessary? Also ask yourself whether or not a freelancer or outsourcing might be a better solution. A contract worker might bring the skills you need to the table without the obligation of paying them indefinitely.

Look for Flexible Candidates

If you do decide to hire someone, place value on flexibility. In a small company—as virtually all startups are—employees often wear many hats. When deciding between candidates, look for someone who is comfortable juggling multiple tasks and shifting roles from day to day. Time-management skills and the ability to learn new skills are also positives.

Cast a Wide Net

You should use a variety of resources to seek out candidates to give yourself the best possible chance of finding the right fit. Good sources include your professional and personal network, online job boards (both niche and general), and employment agencies. 

Seek Compatibility

A new employee should also be able to fit seamlessly into your company’s culture, even if it is a fledgling startup. Per Forbes.com, two important questions to ask are how the candidate gets along with current fellow employees and how they handle current business clients, if applicable.

Sell Your Company to the Candidate

Once you begin interviewing candidates, it is important to remember that interviews are a two-way street: The candidate needs to be interested as well for the hire to work. Be up front about compensation and benefits. Also highlight other bonuses, such as the potential for growth, that your startup company offers.

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