Maintaining productivity all day every day can be hard when you have distractions that come with a normal office job. From emails that need to be answered to meetings that interrupt your workflow, you can end the day and discover you haven’t done much of anything. Here’s how you can help stay productive throughout your workday.

1. Examine your schedule

Look at your schedule and think about how much time you need to complete tasks. Block time out of your day on your public calendar to focus on finishing your responsibilities to keep colleagues from using that time to schedule meetings or drop in on you to chat.

2. Eliminate distractions

Schedule time to reply to emails, turn off alerts and notifications and avoid web browsing to minimize distractions and maximize productivity. You may even find that you need to turn off your favorite music so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

3. Do big tasks first

Whatever task is largest or most difficult should be done first. That gets it out of the way so you don’t run out of time or feel pressure at the end of the day to get everything done.

4. Do quick tasks second

After you complete the hardest or largest tasks on your list, look at the tasks that be accomplished in two minutes or less. Since these tasks are quick and easy, they can be a good way to take multiple tasks off your list quickly and maintain productivity.

5. Streamline and automate to make things easy

You can’t always do everything yourself, but there are ways to improve your productivity through streamlining and automation. Use systems that do mundane tasks for you, like creating letter templates. Streamline your task list by doing like tasks together. You can even delegate and lean on colleagues for help and support to make things easier for yourself.