Presumably all of your employees are competent and perform their work well. However, sometimes you seek individuals of special talent to lead projects, consider for promotions, and otherwise honor for superlative performance.

Here are some important qualities to look for when singling out workers for employee recognition.


Every employee should be doing the minimum expected of them, but it takes an exceptional individual to exceed expectations without having to be pushed to do so. These employees are committed to self-education, improvement, and growth. You can recognize them by their penetrating questions, willingness to take on extra work, and fervent desire to lead difficult projects.


Enthusiasm is truly contagious. Watch for the person whose positive outlook brightens up the office and gets everyone going on a Monday morning. Enthusiastic people consider their work a challenge rather than drudgery.


All work environments sometimes get stressful when there’s a lot to be done and deadlines are approaching. Considerate people show kindness even in the midst of adverse circumstances. This may involve bringing in coffee and donuts to brighten a morning. It may also manifest in an attitude of helping out colleagues who are swamped with work rather than succumbing to the petty competitiveness that often afflicts offices.


When obstacles arise, the easy solution is to give up. Offer employee recognition to individuals who persevere despite difficulties. These people are adaptable and look for solutions outside the box when easy answers do not suffice.


One of the most important qualities that inspires employee recognition is reliability. Some individuals are always there when you need them. If they say that they’re going to finish a job on time, you can count on them to keep their word. The dependability of these employees provides the foundation of your workforce.

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