People who manage to set goals and accomplish them are not any different from the rest; they have a set of principles and routine habits, which help them stay productive. Some of their habits are as simple as keeping a to-do list, taking a daytime nap, and going on a nature walk.

Here are the top tips for improving your productivity:

Clean your workspace  

Maintaining a clean workspace help you stay free of distraction and the stress of cluttered stuff around you. A disorganized work environment distracts your thought process and steals your attention.

Work fast  

While conventional advice advocates for creating more work hours to get more work done; the opposite is true. When you focus on making the most out of limited work hours, you will be working in high adrenaline drive and fast to get your tasks done. Working extra hours will add to your fatigue and demoralize you for lack of enough rest.

Switch off your phone  

While keeping your phone mutes seems like a perfect trick to block distractions, the dependence we have on our phones will keep you checking for new notifications. Unless it is switched off, it is still a distraction. Even if you ignore the notifications, they distract your mental focus when the phone buzzes.

Focus on High-Value Activities  

Naturally, people tend to perform well in tasks that seem common while they struggle with demanding tasks. If you encounter tasks that slow down your productivity, delegate them, especially repetitive tasks and focus on high-value activities. Focusing on your areas of strength keeps you motivated and efficient all-day-long.

Take a nap  

While most work environments do not have room for an afternoon nap. Find a way to sneak a nap in your work hours. Taking a nap is a much-needed break for your brain and body, which contributes to better mental clarity and impedes impulsive tendencies- as established by scientific research from the University of Michigan.

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