For successful businesspeople, what you do in the closing minutes of the current workday is integrally important to your productivity the following day. It’s tempting to count down the time until you can exit the office if you’ve had a strenuous workday, but this does nothing to increase your effectiveness. Instead, ignore the clock, and focus on taking these productivity-increasing steps.

Plan Ahead

Looking ahead to the next morning gives you closure on the day. There are usually loose threads of unfinished work when it’s time to leave. Rather than take those concerns with you, fit them into the schedule for the following morning. Making a to-do list to start with when you come in not only increases your productivity by allowing you to get a running start, but it also helps you relax more profoundly at home, knowing that the situation at the office is scheduled and ready.

Empty Your Inbox

It’s not uncommon for busy entrepreneurs to put off answering emails until later. However, if at the end of the day your inbox is cluttered with unopened messages, take care of them before you leave. Tomorrow brings another slew of communications, and if you allow these to pile up day after day, the task of wading through them can seem insurmountable.

Connect With Colleagues

The end of the day is a good time to enhance relationships with coworkers. Find out if anyone needs assistance with last-minute tasks. Ask about coworkers’ families and other aspects of their lives. Suggest an after-work activity that you could enjoy together.

Leave Work at the Office

Taking work home with you produces stress and inhibits your ability to relax. Instead, accomplish whatever you can during your scheduled work hours, and then leave computers, notebooks, and folders behind when you leave. Disengage from physical and mental reminders of work, and focus on refreshing yourself through engaging in your personal life.

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