For business owners, it can be easy to let corporate culture slip by the wayside, especially as the business expands. However, a healthy corporate culture is essential to retaining employees, building customer trust, and thriving as a business. This article highlights some methods for building one.

Stick to Core Values

Defining and reinforcing your company’s core values is an essential part of building a healthy corporate culture. As a contributor to puts it, “culture begins—and can also end—with your values. These values are the foundation for the way your company operates both internally and externally.

Especially as companies grow, values help employees feel connected and know what their coworkers and managers expect from them. A single approach doesn’t fit every business: Some prefer a more laid-back feel, while others thrive on hard-charging employees. No matter the approach, make sure employees (and potential hires) are on board with it. Otherwise, they may not be a good fit.

Tie Perks to Culture

Any perks your company provides—such as free lunches or health seminars—should be tied in with your company’s values. For instance, if your company provides a break room with entertainment options, consciously explain how that perk relates to the company’s values. In this example, perhaps your company values employees taking the time they need to de-stress during the workday.

Listen to Feedback

Though a company should have core values and take steps to reinforce those values, its leadership should also be open to feedback from employees about the workplace’s culture. Regularly solicit comments from employees and listen to those comments. This can be a way to identify areas for improvement; for example, if a company claims to emphasize productive meetings, employees may feel frustrated if a particular manager frequently runs meandering, unproductive meetings.


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